The Chicken and The Egg

June 9, 2019

You don't need to be around chickens long to understand they are indeed the last holdovers from the age of the dinosaurs.  And when they land on your back or jump up on your head as you gather eggs, it simply reminds us of their true origins, somewhere in the distant evolutionary past.

While the intelligence of an individual chicken might be held in some doubt ("bird brain"), the power of a flock or two to lift the economic fortunes of a farm cannot be doubted.  Of course, I'm talking about chickens raised on pasture, not their poor cousins, tucked away in a barn with 20,000 other inmates of the modern agricultural confinement industry.  I'm writing about the lucky chickens that live at 1690 Farm.  Got sunshine?  Check.  Got green grass? Check.  Got plenty of room?  Check.  Got clean, non-medicated feed?  Check.

The birds keep us busy, gathering, cleaning, and packaging 700 eggs a day; moving three broiler houses across the fields everyday to give them fresh pasture.  Gotta make sure everyone is fed and the water is clean and available.  And we have to keep the predators looking for things that aren't chickens.

Once you taste 1690 Farm eggs and roast one of our chickens, you'll understand what all the fuss is about.  It's the chicken and the egg!

James Bourne
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